Welcome to the Shop!

Trumplican Boutique offers a variety of promotional items  supporting candidate endorsement campaigns, Drain The Swamp PAC volunteers, and MAGA fanfare in political activism. 

Please see below for just a few of our first T-Shirts, mugs, and promotional items! Soon we will be adding more options including various colors and styles, sweatshirts, hats, signs, and more..

Only candidates who are fully endorsed by the PAC are featured in the Trumplican Boutique. Currently approximately 50+ candidates qualify, with more endorsed every day out of over 1000+ candidates nominated for endorsement.

If you do not see your preferred candidate, please contact us to find out the status of local grassroots nomination, the status of endorsement review, and/or to nominate your candidate for endorsement by Drain The Swamp PAC! 

All products are Made in USA! If its not made in America, we don't have it!